Hey 👋 I'm Jay, a Full Stack Software Developer

After years of freelancing and consulting, providing software solutions to businesses big and small throughout the UK and Europe, I am now working as a Full Stack Software Developer at EdShed.

I have experience in various sectors and technologies, with a current focus on web applications, server management, and serverless infrastructure.

At EdShed, I work with a talented team to develop a range of educational products using technologies such as AWS, MySQL, Redis, TypeScript, Node/Express, and Vue.js. I'm dedicated to delivering high-quality, efficient software solutions to improve the education experience for students around the world.

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What I Do

Software Development

  • Experienced in building and maintaining web applications, utilising technologies like TypeScript, Node.js, and Vue.js
  • Contributing to the development of educational products that enhance the learning experience for students worldwide


  • Skilled in managing servers, deployment pipelines, and serverless infrastructure
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth, efficient, and reliable software delivery

IoT (Internet of Things)

Embedded Software and Full Stack Proof of Concepts

I've previously been employed as an Embedded Software Engineer, where I developed a strong interest in IoT projects. My passion for IoT has only grown, as I continue to explore and work on innovative projects that seamlessly integrate hardware and software components.

With a background in both embedded systems and full stack development, I have the unique ability to create end-to-end proof of concepts for IoT solutions. My experience spans various industries, including industrial, medical, and home automation applications.


A selection of projects I have worked on

IKEA Business Intelligence Solutions

  • As a consultant software developer at IKEA, I designed and built bespoke BI solutions serving tens of thousands of users globally.
  • I used tools like BigQuery and PostgreSQL for data analysis and developed full-stack web applications using Node.js/Express, Vue.js, and Svelte.

Customer Database

  • A client required a web based application to be used in their offices, as well as by engineers out on the road
  • This application manages details about customers, appointments and service agreement details
  • I used Django and PostgreSQL for this project

Final Year Project

  • Software project and dissertation entitled "A prototype health monitoring system for elderly people in their own home" for my BSc degree in Computer Science
  • I created a system that monitors and reports various aspects of a person's health using a Raspberry Pi, a ESP8266 SoC, C++ and Python

Raspberry Pi Network Admin

  • Built while I was at Uni, in 2014, for a CCTV installation company to assist with the network administration aspect of the installations
  • Once connected to any network, the device allows the client to remotely manage the device and the network it is connected to

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